Our Mission

The GUARDIANS is an organization to uphold the principles of merit and fitness within the ranks of the New York State Police; to maintain and promote efficiency in public service; to advance the interest of all GUARDIAN members. The GUARDIANS are dedicated to the principle that government is the servant of the people; that government objectives are to be attained by honest democratic methods; that the people are entitled to government service; to promote the dignity of mankind; to promote the betterment of African American communities. In keeping with the aforementioned principles, the organization shall commit itself to the following:
  • A. Determine, discuss and act upon matters that concern African Americans.
  • B. Encourage GUARDIAN members to study in groups, relative to promotional examinations.
  • C. Encourage social and athletic enterprise among GUARDIAN members.
  • D. To support and sustain interest of its members in matters adjudged justifiable by the Board of Directors.
  • E. To devise and execute plans to assist members morally and financially when possible.
  • New York Troopers Guardians Association
  • P.O. Box 2181
  • Albany
  • NY, 12220
  • Tel:
  • Web: http://www.nytga.org
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